1/1 Custom Switchblade

1/1 custom switchblade. Bronze and wenge wood with etched blade.

A friend urged me to share more of the story behind this knife, so here it goes:  This is my interpretation of the infamous Corsican Vendetta blade.  These knives were carried by gentlemen in the 17-1800’s and used for dueling, usually to the death, if one party felt his honor or family had been besmirched.

Knives are very clearly powerful objects capable of deadly results if wielded as a weapon, but they are also a tool of infinite uses.  Throughout history they have been given as gifts.  From fathers to their children, kings to their generals,  and anyone wishing to give a cherished one a totem of protection and safety.

I tried to capture that duality of weapon/tool, protection/enforcement, friendship/enmity in this knife.  On one side you will find two hands embracing, signifying love, friendship, loyalty and trust.  On the blade is a floral vine which represents the pastoral and utilitarian uses for carrying a blade such as slicing vegetables and cheese, making crafts, and all that good stuff.  On the other side of the knife is the inscription “Che la mia ferita sia motale” next to a tiny skull.  This translates to “may the wound be deadly” and was found on many antique Corsican vendetta knives.  Also you will find a pair of all seeing eyes and a star, watching your back constantly and protecting your family’s sacred honor.  Etched on the blade is a rattle snake slithering towards a gleaming diamond saying “sssssettle up!!”  ….better pay your debts and give respect, or else…

the next one I make will be engraved with “death to all rats” or “snitches get stitches”

🙂  keep it positive people.

I hope this shines some light on my thought process when making a piece such as this.  Be here now.









~ by npotash on July 31, 2012.

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