1/1 + POMEII Rings No. 01/02/03

1 of 1  No. 01   –    Sterling Silver  set with WWII sweetheart pin.     size  7

1 of 1  No. 02    –    Sterling Silver set with WWI 14K &  blue enamel Lady Liberty pin.  Size 6 1/2

1 of 1  No. 03   –    Sterling Silver set with a WWII  14K  &  blue enamel United Stated Naval League pin.  Size  7

The next few rings are prototypes for my new line “POMPEII.”  All rings are 1 of 1 for the time being, but I’m considering going into production on some or all of them.  Any feedback would be appreciated as I’m trying to narrrow the line down.

POMPEII  01  –      Sterling Silver fully carved. On the front is an Anchor & wreaths symbolizing stability of character and strength of life. On the back a shining heart floating in the sea symbolizing perseverance of love and faith in the unpredictable and ever changing sea of life.   Size 6 1/2

POMPEII No. 02  –       Sterling Silver set with small Brass POMPEII anchor over the sea shield.  On the sides are crossbones and a crown.  The ring is weathered and worn, possibly an artifact from lost ages, steeped with a story that will be built upon.   All the jewelry I make with outlast all of us and it’s my hope that these pieces will be cherished by the owners and passed on to loved ones through time… continuing a piece’s story and ingraining it with a rich history.  Size  6

POMPEII No. 03  –   Sterling Silver with Brass  POMPEII shield.  The anchor over the sea is a symbol for strength and steadfastness rising above the turbulence of life.  Size  6


~ by npotash on November 19, 2009.

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