1/1  BRASS & STERLING BRACELET     #01   –   This piece is set with an authentic World War II Pilot’s Wings pin.  These pins were never given to pilots by the military, most often they were made by local jewelers who copied the larger 3″ Pilots Wings, that were issued to the pilots, to create these miniature 1 3/8″ replicas for wear on suites’ lapels, shirts, and ties.  All of the wings I’ve collected are truly one of a kind and are the work of master jewelers all over the world.  The bracelet is 8″ long, the chain is Sterling Silver including the two swivel claps.


1/1  BRASS & STERLING BRACELET     #02   –    All these pieces are continuing the theme of  Mortality and The Sea, but this one especially.  On the front is a miniature enamel American flag set along side a vintage New England scrimshaw.

“Scrimshaw was an art form practiced exclusively by whaling men. It may have originated with the Indians and Eskimos. But it was the Yankee scrimshanders, as they called themselves, who carved astonishing objects out of whalebone and teeth.

Carving was a way to keep busy on voyages that sometimes lasted for five years with the things they had the most of: time, whalebone and teeth. Mostly they carved for their loved ones waiting at home.

Some historians call scrimshaw the only indigenous American art form.”  (via)

The bracelet is 8″  with a heavy Sterling chain and 14K vermeil swivel clasp.


1/1   BRASS & STERLING BRACELET   #03    –     This piece is set with a brass sweetheart pin from World War One.  These pins were given to loved ones by military personnel as a “forget me not”  before being deployed over-seas.   The bracelet is 8″ long and made entirely of Sterling Silver including the swivel clasp.


1/1  BRASS AND STERLING BRACELET     #04   –    Brass  body set with ivory scrimshaw finished with heavy Sterling chain and 14K vermeil swivel clasp.   7 1/2″ long.



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