A Good Blade…

… is damn hard to find these days.  Sure you can grab a Buck knife or corner store pocket folder to get the job done, but I’m looking for more in my knife.  It has to have character; reflect the owner; be extension of his hands and personality.  I’ve been a knife collector since I was a little Scout, and these are my first attempts at knife making.  The small one is made entirely of sterling silver with a brass knob which is used to push out the blade.  I wanted it to look like a pirate’s old wooden switchblade.  The large wooden knife is a fully loaded switchblade I made from a kit.  The metal components are all high grade stainless steel, the scales are made from Cocobolo wood, and I used vintage brass hardware to pin it together.  Fully custom switchblades by Nicholas Potash…. If you want one hit me up, just remember…  no snitchin’ and don’t get caught!


~ by npotash on July 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Good Blade…”

  1. Hello Nicholas,

    Your work is sick. I want all of it. The blades and the bling. How might I acquire some?

    Danger Christian

    • Hey Danger, thanks for the kind words… I have some pieces for sale at npotash.bigcartel.com or else if you’re in Los Angeles I have a bunch of new works that haven’t been put on the webstore that I could offer you. Thanks again for your interest and I’m looking forward to styling you out! –Nick

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